Getting Started

System Requirements

<span style="font-weight: bold;">PHP Configuration limits</span>

Most common issues like Demo Import failure or page save errors are generally related to excessively low PHP configuration limit settings. Some hosts will try to keep PHP limits low to conserve resources. You can either increase these limits on your own, or contact your web host and ask to have the limits increased. Since are paying for those resources, you should rightfully expect to be getting your money’s worth.

PHP Version: 7.4.0 Server Memory: 512M Post Max Size: 128 PHP Max Input: 300 Max Upload: 5M WEBP Support enabled

MBString PHP Extension enabled

Verify your PHP limits

You can check them by going to Theme Options - System:

Hosting Providers

We recommend using a host WordPress trusts to provide quality products and reliable service. If you're not decided on a hosting provider yet, we strongly recommend <a href="https://www.siteground.com/go/uicore">SiteGround</a>.

Important: We have also compiled a list of hosts we do not recommend, especially if you use a shared economic package. The list includes GoDaddy, Hostgator, 1&1 & iPage. An online search will reveal many posts regarding their poor performance with WordPress.

Last updated on 8/30/2023, 11:17:06 AM
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