Important notice for Framer (now Framey) theme users

Attention: Intended for Users Who Purchased the Theme Before August 24, 2023

What's Going On?

You might have noticed that the Framer theme was unavailable on the marketplace for a little while. This happened because framer.com raised a concern that we were using their name without permission. As a result, Envato decided to temporarily disable our product while we sort this out.

Our intention was never to misuse their name or ride on their brand's coattails. However, since they have legally registered trademarks for "Framer," we've taken the step to rename our product as "Framey" to prevent any future confusion.

How Does This Affect Framer Users?

The name change required some adjustments. We had to update all the links on demo pages and make changes in our API. As a result, the following features are currently unavailable:

  • Demo import
  • Template library
  • Automatic updates
  • Theme activation

What's the Solution?

To restore the theme with all its features, you need to manually install it again, following this guide:

  • download the Installable WordPress file only from your themeforest.net account
  • go to Plugins and delete UiCore Framework and Element Pack Pro
  • go to Appearance - Themes and upload framey.zip
  • install the required plugins as prompted

This process won't affect your content at all, and it's similar to a regular theme update.

If you're using the child theme, you will need to install the new one (Framey Child) and move your custom content from Framer Child.

If you face any problems during this update, feel free to get in touch with us. We're here to help!

Last updated on 8/30/2023, 12:39:11 PM
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