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Set up the Footer

There are two options for building footers in UiCore themes:

1. Using Theme Builder

Go to Theme Builder - Footer - Add New:

There are a few options you need to set before editing the content:

  • Name: this will only be displayed in your Theme Builder templates list, so it can be anything; keep in mind it can't be changed after saving.
  • Keep theme default: activating this option will also show the default footer (which can be set in Theme Options); the custom footer will show above the default footer.
  • Display on: here you can control where your custom footer will be visible; you can choose between page types, special pages, or specific pages; use Add Display Rule to combine multiple display rules (eg. Front Page + specific page); you can also exclude the custom footer from certain pages, using Add Exclusion Rule.
Important: If you want to display the widgetized footer (customized using Theme Options), either remove the one in Theme Builder, or enable "Keep theme default", to display both.
By default, Theme Builder footer will override the one set in Theme Options.

2. Using Widgets

Go to Theme Options - Footer and Enable Footer.

After choosing your footer layout, go to Appearance - Widgets. Depending on the column layout you chose in Theme Options, the appropriate number of widget locations will be set (named Footer Col x).

Last updated on 8/30/2023, 12:00:30 PM
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