Portfolio Page

Default Portfolio Page

By default, you can access your portfolio at www.yourwebsite.com/portfolio

This page doesn't exist in back-end, but the link is generated automatically by the theme.

Custom Portfolio Page

To set a custom page, create a blank page, then assign it in Brisk - Portfolio - Portfolio Page:

After setting your custom portfolio page, permalink and Portfolio title will be updated automatically; eg: yoursite.com/work/ (portfolio category archive will be also updated with the new slug; eg: yoursite.com/work-category)

Portfolio Category archive slug can be also changed using filters, read more here.

Add Portfolio Grid to Pages using Elementor

Edit a page with Elementor and search for Post Grid element under UiCore tab:

Set the source to Portfolio. Grid settings are inherited from Theme Options.

If you try to view portfolio archive, category archive, or portfolio item and you get a 404 error may be due to permalinks changed and not updated in WordPress. to fix this just go to Settings > Permalink and hit Save Changes (no need to change anything)

Last updated on 8/30/2023, 6:38:56 AM
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