Demo Import - Common errors & problems

Importing demo content with one click is quite simple. However, from time to time the process can fail. There are a few reasons for this to happen:

Firstly, all demo packs are stored on our server and are accessed via API. By this we mean that all the images and json files are actually being downloaded from different servers to your site and then processed, so if you are using a local install with development purposes and your internet connection fails or has a micro-cut, then the demo import process can finish without success.

Secondly, the demo import process consumes server resources, because it gets files from the cloud (like images, configuration files and more) and processes them in order to perfectly match your new site like the one on the actual demo site. So if your site is on a shared server with limited resources it can also fail.

Server Requirements

If demo import is not working, first step is to check your server configuration. Go to Theme Options - System - Server Status:

Make sure all values are green. Hovering any of them will show you the recommended value for that category.

Minimum recommended values:

  • PHP Version: 7.3.5
  • Server Memory: 256M
  • Post Max Size: 128
  • PHP Max Input: 300
  • Max Upload: 1M

There are a few ways to increase those values and some of them are explained here. If you're having trouble changing these settings, contact your hosting provider.


If you meet all server requirements and you are sure your internet connection is stable please be sure that mod_security Apache module is not enabled. You can ask your hosting provider about it.

Demo Import process can take up to a few minutes to complete, depending on the demo you choose (the more images the demo has, the longer it will take to import). If everything goes well, you should see a success message, followed by a "Back to Dashboard" button.

However, if errors occur during this process, you will see a prompt to check the Error Log.

Note: Demo Import process will continue even when encountering errors on the way. This can result in partial imports, depending on the types of errors.

Error Codes & Solutions

1001 - Error on activating plugin

  • Plugin does not exist or can't be activated. Go to Plugins and make sure all required plugins are installed and activated.

1002 - Can't find the plugin download url

  • Plugin url can't be resolved via WordPress plugin API. Go to Plugins and manually install the plugin.

1003 - Plugin was installed but can't be activated

  • Could be caused by a conflict with incompatible plugins.
  • Go to Plugins and try to manually activate the plugin.

1004 - Plugin was not installed

  • Plugin can't be installed via WordPress plugin API. Go to Plugins and try to manually install the plugin.

2001 - Error on storing media to temp

  • Usually related to incorrect folder permissions. Check this article on how to fix permissions.

2002 - Error on uploading media to site.

  • Either uploads are disabled in php.ini or insufficient server resources. Check server status for more details.
Last updated on 8/30/2023, 10:41:39 AM
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