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Hello- Since we can customize view and modules directly from UICore options, how would we hide those admin options from the team so they arent changed?

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Dave Mitchell


To hide the admin options from the team and prevent them from being changed, you can use the PHP filter "uicore_hide_admin_customizer" in your WordPress.

Here is the PHP code that you can use:

add_filter('uicore_hide_admin_customizer', 'hide_admin_customizer');

function hide_admin_customizer($hide) {
    // Add your logic here to determine when to hide the admin customizer
    // For example, you can check the user role or any other condition

    // If you want to hide the admin customizer, return true
    // If you want to show the admin customizer, return false

    return $hide;

Please make sure to add this code to your theme's child functions.php file. Here is a guide on how to install the child theme : https://help.uicore.co/docs/child-theme

Once the child theme is active, you can start customizing it by adding this custom PHP code via "Appearance" > "Editor".

If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to ask.

Best regards, Andrei Voica